1998 Beetle O2J swap into 1991 Corrado G60 gear ratio comparisons.

I ran some numbers through Tremec’s Gear Ratio Calculator ( http://www.tremec.com/calculadora.php ) to compare how the O2J in my 1998 Beetle will stack up to the Corrado’s stock O2A transmission.

The Corrado currently has synchro issues with 2nd gear and I am contemplating the swap for various reasons.  The major being elimination of my synchro problems, but the other significant reason being the greatly improved shifting of the O2J shift tower / shifter set up.

Plus I have this extra beetle laying around… 😉



Bug Trans 2k Corrado Trans 2k
Bug Trans 3k Corrado Trans 3k
Bug Trans 5k  Corrado Trans 5k

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